Dr. Len Marrella


"Trish Doll and Publicity Works are a creative and tenacious firm. They know how to focus and get results! Their efforts resulted in a number of positive news stories and speaking engagements."

-COL. (Ret.) Len Marrella, PhD, President & Founder, Center for Leadership & Ethics





The Challenge

Repositioning book in the marketplace calls for 'return to ethics'

"New book release by Reading, PA native calls for return to ethics. Who needs ethics? Marrella’s In Search of Ethics says we do. The alternative is chaos."

The above is the newsworthy headline that crystallized into the successful and diversified launch for author, Len Marrella and his book, In Search of Ethics.

“My purpose for this book is simple and practical,” says Marrella. "My intent was to search for and exemplify those people and institutions who have achieved success and who did so without lying, cheating and stealing their way to the top.” A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Marrella went on to have a distinguished military career, serving in NATO, Vietnam and with the Defense Department. As founder and president of the Center for Leadership and Ethics, Marrella produced a work in keeping with his passion “for a more ethical world.” He came to us seeking repositioning -- PR performance that would surpass the initial press work provided by a previous PR agency.


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