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We created and produced identity marketing materials, ads and CD packaging as well as ongoing communications efforts promoting concert performances.

Now, The Extraordinary: As a result of being inspired after watching François Girard’s movie "The Red Violin", and hearing John Corigliano’s score performed in perfection by violinist Joshua Bell, our natural talent to meld individuals together took over yet again. Could this renowned international violinist, Joshua Bell, possibly be reached, let alone have the time to collaborate with our client?



Our vision: Joshua Bell and Matthew Bengston would become an instant musical collaboration.  With perseverance, we took on the personal challenge to combine two extraordinary musical talents never before heard together.  After contacting Joshua Bell’s office, we graciously received tickets to Bells’ upcoming performance with The Philadelphia Orchestra, where all parties finally had a chance to meet.

Thereafter, the great day in musical history happened on NPR Radio, September 20, 2005. Matthew Bengtson appeared with Joshua Bell on NPR’s “Performance Today” and XM Satellite Radio’s “Classical Confidential.”




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