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As a past frequent traveler of the Turnpike the addition of safety advertising was invaluable to me when I had to use the *11 twice in my travels—once to report an apparent drunk driver and once to report an accident, which occurred near me while driving. If not for the advertising, the safety of the Turnpike would not have been as easily maintained or as quickly reported.
The persistence of Trish Doll in making advertising happen on the Turnpike when it was said it could not be done, shows the marketing maven influence, which she possesses. Countless Turnpike travelers have benefited from her tenacity…”

- A Thankful Commuter




The Challenge

Roads to Riches Taking Its Toll

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission opened "America's First Superhighway" October 1, 1940. It operates and maintains 537 miles of toll roads in the state. It oversees 60 fare-collection facilities, 20 service plazas and 26 maintenance facilities. With 2,300 employees, it generates $615 million in annual toll revenue from 185.4 million vehicles a year. "The more vehicles - the more wear and tear..." and an even bigger need to offer weary travelers something other than unwelcomed tolls.


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