"Many people have exclaimed, 'Oh, I read about you,' or 'I heard you on the radio and TV...' It still happens wherever I go, and that recognition makes my appearance so much more effective, since potential customers already know about me and my product. PR positioned us a step ahead of the competition for entering additional markets and launching offspring products! Publicity Works is responsible for this recognition!"

- Duffy May, Owner, Duffy's Dairy




The Challenge

Media and Public Get Cultured About Yogurt

A dairy company approached our agency with a specific need - to position their Duffy's Only Yogurt product effectively on the supermarket shelves and in the minds of every prospective shopper in the region. A preliminary but comprehensive product marketing plan was created. Extensive market research was initially conducted by a local university's Small Business Institute. A productivity analysis followed. Colorful product packaging was then created for high-impact shelf visibility. Retail pricing followed. The budget was extremely limited for actual marketing efforts thereafter.

Hear Duffy May's Radio Interview Segment 1

Hear Duffy May's Radio Interview Segment 2



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