"While our reputation has always been solid, your foresight has taken us to new heights. Your enormous enthusiasm combined with vision, perseverance and common sense has always translated to our accomplishing our objectives. I had to be shown, but now I know that your company's approach to marketing has improved our credibility as a leader in our profession. This exposure has sent the message out to make a connection with those looking for our services this significantly increasing our client base."

- Gloria Steward Lycknell, Lycknell Interiors

Gloria was one of our first clients of the 1990's. She went on to become our dearest friend and mentor.

The Challenge

Gloria Steward Lycknell was born to design. "I started decorating when I was seven years old," she recalls. "I'd come home from school and rearrange the living room!"
Art schooling throughout childhood, followed by her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago, prepared Lycknell well for the design business. Capitalizing on her art background, she built a successful business on a foundation of understanding and catering to consumers' desire for customized products that are both uniquely beautiful and highly functional. Early on, she realized she couldn't get what she really wanted in many product categories, and employed a cabinetmaker to do custom work. Soon, custom furniture became a central focus of her business. In addition, her individually-created “Tapestry Carpets” became known as "Artwork for the Floor".

Corporate identity and brand are valuable assets and essential tools for the interior designer. If properly designed, brand identity can induce strong affinity to the designer’s company and unique services. For Lycknell, she and her firm had already embodied all the positive, collective attributes with expectations in her flourishing business. She was ready to take the next step.

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